Exceptional Scope and Diverse Practices Our attorneys provide clients with extensive knowledge and experience in each specialized area of practice we offer. Integrity & Highest Moral Values Combined Efforts To Achieve Goals of Our Clients innovative legal solutions delivered through our commitment to excellence. Turning Adversity Into Opportunity We work with executives, professionals and business owners to turn adverse events into positive opportunities.

About Us 

LM Legal Advocates & Legal Consultants is founded on the principle of promoting integrity and dedication to client service.  Our satisfaction comes from your success, our core philosophy based on a single rule “To defend and protect our client’s rights with maximum effort and provide the best solution possible”. We take pride in advancing your Interests. LM Legal has a comprehensive legal services portfolio. Our experts assist you in all your legal needs whether you are an individual looking for advice in a civil legal suite or a large-scale corporation requiring legal consultation involving corporate and commercial law.

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Legal Expertise 

LM Legal Advocates & Legal Consultants

Corporate Law

Corporate law outlines the many ways that a company is legally recognized as having authority to conduct business in state and interstate commerce.

Corporate Law

Commercial law

Commercial law covers a wide range of commercial transactions. Whatever your legal or business requirements, LM Legal have the skill,

Commercial law

Employment law

Over the years LM LEGAL has developed extensive experience in handling legal employment matters. We frequently deal with various employment disputes involving claims for breach of contract,

Employment Law

Real Estate Law

LM Legal is your first call to discuss your residential or commercial real estate legal needs. The law office of LM Legal can provide you with guidance and legal support throughout your real property transaction.

Real Estate Law

Civil law

A good civil legal action is a necessity in virtually all aspects of a common man or in a business these days.

Civil Law

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights are the foundation upon which many businesses are built, from branding to information technology.

Intellectual Law

Dispute Resolution

We know how difficult it is to run a successful business today. Even more difficult is to run your business while you are in dispute with a shareholder, partner, officer, or even customer

Dispute Resolution


We believe that litigation is a last resort, and encourage clients to refer their disputes to us at an early stage. Careful negotiation can often resolve problems without recourse to the courts.


Screening & Due diligence

The success or failure of a merger or acquisition often depends on much more than the financial strength of the target company.



LM Legal Advocates & Legal Consultants  Provide a Wide Range of Legal Services

As full-service Legal consultants We Offer comprehensive scope of services to our clients.

M&A And Private Equity

The difference between coincidence and sustainable success in mergers and acquisitions is based primarily on a specific work and procedure.

Debt Collection

We are able to spread the benefits of the efficiency of our system to all of our clients, collecting debts in the most cost-effective way.

Business Setup & Formation

Whether you’re developing a new market or starting from ground zero, we aim to be constantly at your service.

Tax Consulting

Good financial records and organizational construction of a business are essential and puts you in control.

DIFC Wills

The DIFC Courts Wills is a joint initiative of the Government of Dubai and the DIFC Courts that gives non-Muslims investing and living in the UAE

Business Sponsorship

Finding the right sponsor can be challenging. Start your business with reliable business sponsorship services.