Acquiring the Right Sponsors for Your Company


Business Sponsorship

New entrepreneurs in Dubai often wonder if they should have a local sponsor in the region. Like most things, it always depends on a number of things such as where you’re from, what kind of business you have, and several other factors. You may consider an individual Local Sponsor or Corporate Sponsor Ship.

Local Sponsor

Having a local sponsor is necessary if you want to have a business with an industrial/commercial license in the UAE and you’re not a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) national. But if you have a professional service license for your business or you’re setting up in a free zone, you don’t need a local sponsor at all.
We are here for you if you need a local sponsor. You will have to obtain a mainland LLC: you will keep 49% ownership of it and the local sponsor will keep 51%. Don’t worry about your profits though, as they will not be divided in the same way. The local sponsor will not actually have a voice in your business’s everyday activity.

Corporate Sponsor

Finding a local sponsor to take on a 51% share of your business can be stressful for new entrepreneurs, maybe even scary. So options like our corporate sponsor service are here to quell your fears and do the heavy lifting for you.
When you partner with us here, you don’t need to put effort into the time-consuming task of seeking out sponsors on your own to build a business relationship with. We’ll give you a top-tier corporate nominee to be your Dubai local sponsor.
The utmost priority for us is to let you have complete financial and operational control over your business and maintain your shareholder rights. Our premium legal counsels with more than a decade of experience have carefully created the documents we’ll be using for your business. You will have every documentation necessary to have full financial control of your business and maintain your rights.
If you choose corporate sponsorships, you will have a number of extra advantages and services than if you’d have chosen to work with an individual sponsor. If you choose our corporate sponsorship option, you will get the following rewards:
  • No sponsor involvement 
Even though your sponsor will hold a very slight majority of your company’s shares, you will keep full control of your company if you choose a corporate sponsorship. You will be the one making the decisions of who you hire, whom you offer your services to, and what you offer. Corporate sponsors will never get involved in the everyday activities of your business.
  • All financial benefits

Both individual sponsors and corporate sponsors maintain 51% shareholder ownership of the company, but even so, you will continue to keep 100% of all profits involved.

  • Detailed contracts
Signing countless agreements, documents, and contracts can get tedious. There is always the chance that you may sign something you do not want to. But corporate sponsorship prevents this from happening, as premium attorneys with several years of experience will be drafting your in-depth contracts. You can rest assured that your rights and your shareholders’ rights are in safe hands.


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