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Civil Law

A good civil legal action is a necessity in virtually all aspects of a common man or in a business these days. At LM Legal, we can assist you for a variety of civil litigation from simple individual legal needs in family disputes to employment contracts involving legal actions or civil litigation matters may arise in large business deals.

Our civil litigation lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legal system. They will handle all the letters and paperwork involved in any civil court matter.

Our expert lawyers and advocates will assist you by providing services in all types of legal matters including Civil law related cases in U.A.E. We are who you will want on your side if you are invoiced in a traffic accident, whether you are the victim or the accused.

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of litigation and trial law designed to settle monetary disputes between individuals, business entities and other organizations.

Our civil litigation expertise includes negotiating settlements, assisting clients with arbitration and handling all types of complicated civil litigation cases.

Civil lawsuits come in all shapes and sizes and can involve a variety of more simple to extremely complex legal matters and issues. Civil lawsuits can be filed against individuals, groups, associations, business entities, organizations, companies or agencies. Civil litigation can involve financial compensation, prevention of future actions or payback for an offense.

Our expert civil litigation attorneys have vast knowledge of civil litigation and can provide expert legal counsel and representation for a variety of general civil litigation issues, including:

  • Administrative Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Health Care Litigation
  • Real Estate Dispute Litigation

And more

Every individual has a legal right to sue in court of law if they believe that they have been harmed by another person or entity and deserve damages for their economic or personal injuries in the form of money or other compensation. It is the job and mission of our highly skilled civil litigators to act as powerful advocates for such aggrieved parties so that they have the best opportunity to get full and fair financial and other compensation for their damages.

If you or someone you know or love is involved in a legal matter relating to any aspect of general civil litigation, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced, highly skilled civil litigation attorney. LM Legal offers a free and confidential initial consultation to protect your legal rights.



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