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Commercial Law

Commercial law covers a wide range of commercial transactions. Whatever your legal or business requirements, LM Legal have the skill, resources, experience and commercial approach to assist you in achieving your commercial objectives.

Individuals and businesses are constantly involved in commercial transactions in the normal course of their daily business activity. Basically, if you are involved in commerce, you are involved in commercial transactions. Every day businesses and individuals deal with retail stores, wholesalers, vendors, banks, insurance companies, and investment and title companies. Commercial lawyers routinely handle the business and commercial transactions, disputes, and litigation that arise when businesses interact with each other. LM Legal offers practical advice about negotiating terms of contracts, dealing with customers, protecting intellectual property, settling conflicts in mediation, and ultimately, if necessary, he or she may represent business clients in court.

Our commercial law services include:

  • Terms and conditions of business for the sale and supply of various goods and services.
  • Website terms of use, adherence to E-commerce Law, particularly the Distance Selling Regulations.
  • Computer and IT contracts, including the licensing and distribution of software.
  • Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements.
  • Marketing, distribution, agency and franchise agreements, and advice on competition law and compensation on termination.
  • Partnership agreements and their dissolution.
  • Consumer credit agreements and licenses.
  • Lending and security documentation and enforcement.
  • Financial services regulation.

LM Legal mission is to meet each client’s individual expectations, whether a one page letter or a complex business agreement, and to advise specifically with your business in mind.

We always seek to develop a strong understanding of our clients’ commercial operations so that they can regard us as their in-house solicitors.



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