Persuasive Debt Collection to Keep Your Finances Safe


Debt Collection

We are able to spread the benefits of the efficiency of our system to all of our clients, collecting debts in the most cost-effective way. One aspect of our work which our commercial clients find particularly attractive is the provision of regular client reminders and reports in an easily understandable format.

Our services include debt collection from businesses and commercial debts, Private consumers and individual’s debts, and debts from both individual consumers and business or commercial debts. You can also choose the type of debt, such as Sales/ Purchases debts, Suppliers invoices, Loans, Rentals Insurance contacts, or any other type of debts.

We have found a far better way than the traditional strong-arm tactics. This unique approach and strategy that we practice ensures quicker payment from your debtors. As long as your debtor is still in business, we assure your chances of recovering your money. Anyone can threaten legal remedies but we aim to resolve amicably through persuasive communication and with a voice of reason.

At LM Legal, we are set up on a case to case basis; we do not encourage our clients to bind themselves to us on annual contracts. We want you to come back to us whenever you feel you need us and not because you are bound to us in black and white, we strive to earn your loyalty through our services, performance, good ethics and standards.

At LM Legal, we make sure we have sufficient time and opportunity to go the extra mile and provide you with the personal touch to build our relationship. Having a good relationship with us is getting feedback to you as quickly as possible. Instead of the old fashion way of mailing you, we call, fax and/or E-mail right away for quick and decisive action.

As mentioned, we strive for your loyalty by offering effective, personalized, courteous and prompt service on achieving settlement for your debt.



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