Jafza Offshore Services



JAFZA is one of the best places to set up a business as it offers an extensive range of services depending on the nature or type of business that you intended to establish, and it extends support and assistance to each type of business. In JAFZA there is no restriction on foreign ownership, hence, it is the best option for international investors or offshore businesses desiring to establish its companies in the region.

Registered Local Agent

Moreover, in order to facilitate the formation of companies in JAFZA, it is mandatory to appoint a Registered Local Agent that will administer all the dealings and communication on behalf of the company with JAFZA. Being a Registered Local Agent, we are equipped with authority and experience to assist and guide you with the following JAFZA offshore services.

Offshore Service

At LM Legal we are offering the below JAFZA offshore services:

  1. Registration of Company or Formation of Company
  2. Amendment of Company Registration
  3. Change of Company Agent
  4. Renewal of Company Registration
  5. Request for Incumbency and Good Standing Certificates
  6. Request for Attestation of Original and TrueCopy of Documents
  7. Request for Approval of Letter (Affidavit of Loss, NOC to Economic Department, Tax Exemption Letter, NOC to Land Department)
  8. Company Termination
  9. Formation of Company – Redomicile

To further assist you on this, please contact us for any question or clarification on the aforesaid services.



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