Corporate M&A and Private Equity Management


M&A and Private Equity

The difference between coincidence and sustainable success in mergers and acquisitions is based primarily on a specific work and procedure. This is the only way to ensure that as many risks and dangers as possible are recognized and assessed. The same applies, of course, to opportunities and possibilities.

Our M&A success are based on a specific way of working!

This can be characterized as follows:

  • analytically
  • systematically
  • process-oriented
  • strategically
  • creative
  • communicative

For us, mergers and acquisitions mean that we first place our clients and their wishes and goals at the center of our considerations. We then work on the basis of detailed analyzes and a systematic approach using targeted activities. The professionally organized M&A project management is a matter of course for us.

The intelligent use of communication and strategy leads to a disproportionate success for our clients.

we know how M&A players think, act and what is important to them.

For us, it goes without saying that intensive care is part of our deep M&A understanding. We not only pay attention to a fluid process, but also coach with foresight. We have been established on the market for many years and have one high level of awareness. In addition to the systematic and professional way of working, we are characterized by our creativity.

Private Equity (PE) is a model of corporate ownership where control is concentrated in the hands of active professional investors. These investors raise capital, provide financial and operational expertise to help a company’s development, and monitor the firm’s progress through the different stages of its lifecycle.

LM Legal provides high growth in companies with expansion capital. Target companies have a viable product, proven by customer sales, and have a history of achieving business and financial milestones. In this regard, we take implementation and execution risk rather than technology development risk. Therefore, we seek companies with superior management teams with a track record of achievements in their field of expertise. While our fund is not sector specific, we tend to target sectors including communications equipment, enterprise software, Internet infrastructure, systems integration, semiconductors, and media. We take a bottoms-up approach focusing on companies that benefit from the overall growth of our chosen sectors of interest.

At a time of extraordinary growth, the industry finds itself at a crossroads – its success being met with calls for increased public scrutiny. The need for in-depth, informed knowledge about the benefits and possible challenges of the Private Equity model has never been more acute



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