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Real Estate Law

LM Legal is your first call to discuss your residential or commercial real estate legal needs. The law office of LM Legal can provide you with guidance and legal support throughout your real property transaction. From arranging lease terms, sublets and screening prospective tenants for your residential or commercial properties, you have the LM Legal experts on your site.

  • REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: Buying, Selling, Renting & Leasing. As a buyer, seller or landlord, there are contracts to draft and your interests to protect.
  • REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS: Title Insurance, Bank Contract reviews, Arbitration clauses. . . You will be asked to sign documentation and contracts, be prepared, know your rights, and bring in an expert.
  • COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: challenges facing commercial real estate developers are not the same as those facing individuals. We will make sure your business is prepared.
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: Responsibilities, land management, zoning and deed restrictions all should have a professional review for potential challenges in your building process. Get real estate lawyer advice before you enter into any building contract.
  • TENANT LEASES: If you own residential or commercial rental property you need an expert drafting your tenant leases to protect your rights.
  • Tenant Screening: If you need help screening your tenants and securing deposits and rent, consider hiring LM Legal to manage your rental properties.
  • TENANT EVICTIONS: Problem tenants, legal evictions, proper procedure for eviction requires a professional
  • LEASE AGREEMENTS: Before you sign a commercial or residential lease as tenant or landlord, have the documentation reviewed by an expert. Know your rights, understand your obligations.
  • FORECLOSURES: You need legal representation even if you are past the point of recovery or a short sale. Foreclosure does not mean the end of the world; it is a legal process that determines the ownership of your property, get legal representation to protect your assets throughout the process.
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Distribution, dissolution and Real Property settlement should always be handed by an attorney. Protect your family inheritance and obtain legal advice for the best possible outcome. LM Legal experts would be glad to discuss your individual situation and help you determine the best course of action within real estate law.


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